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Certified Professionals Only

All of our groomers are certified professionals with an average of 12 years experience. Our international group of groomers have graduated from some of the best pet care and grooming schools in Spain, Lithuania, Colombia, Russia, & Canada. 

Royal Treatment for your pets since 2013!

Our name Reino Canino means Canine Kingdom, because we believe in giving your pets the Royal Treatment! We pamper your pets with our luxurious top-of-the-line care products and offer many treatment options even for the most demanding of conditions

First and foremost, we're animal lovers. ❤ Pets provide us with unconditional love and we want to return the favor, giving them loving treatments to bring out the best in each doggy, kitty, and more. Click here to see how we work in our salon and some of our beautiful clients.

Meet our Team

Alex Molero

Founder & Pet Groomer

Hallo allemaal! My name is Alex. I know many of you will recognize me. I´m the founder of Reino Canino and in 2019 I transferred the business to my good friend and colleague Nuria. Perhaps you´re wondering why I´m back, right? Well, this is my story. I sold it with the intention of doing what I love more, to buy a farm and make a hotel for dogs.
Due to circumstances with this pandemic that took all of us by surprise my plans didn´t go how I expected. I Love this place so after all I´m very happy to be back. I come from a large family of 11 brothers of which 5 are veterinarians. We grew up on a farm, surrounded by all kinds of animals. Our parents instilled in us love for animals and I remember that since I was a little child I used to take all the puppies and kitten that I found on the street to the farm.
I came to Amsterdam 17 years ago. When I arrived here the first thing I did was apply for a job at Artis Zoo where I wasn´t working for a long time because to see the animals in captivity made me feel sad. I personally think that all living creatures must be free and happy in their habitat. Sometime later I went to Spain and began studying to become a pet groomer, after that I opened Reino Canino. I´m always training and improving, attending seminars, and participating in  shows and competitions where I have the opportunity of meeting people who love the profession as much as I do. My dear customers and friends you´re always welcome in my home, your home as well, Reino Canino where we will always pamper your beloved pet with all our love. 
Big hug! ❤


Nuria Citroen


Hello! This is Nuria. I was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias (Spain), where I have been living more than 40 years. I´m also half Dutch from my mother's side and nowadays my passport is Dutch. Although I have Dutch blood I'm not very good with the language but I could assist you, beside with my native Spanish, I speak English and Italian fluently and a bit of Portuguese and French. The most important thing always, is wanting to communicate. I've been an animal lover for as long as I can remember, so much so that I chose, more than 20 years ago not to eat them. I'm an ecologist, a nature lover and a fighter for the environment. In 2019 my good friend Alex, who started this business, offered me to venture and I couldn't refuse. I started full of energy and good desires, the same ones I still have today. Now I'm fully dedicated to providing the best quality products and service available for your pampered pets.

It's here, with the help of all of you, where I would like to reach my retirement, surrounded by your best furry friends. We give the best of us, always with the best products of the market and even more importantly with all our love, because they deserve the best. 

Thank you very much for being there. This place, my dream, couldn't be possible without all of you.

All the best!


Evelina Barkauskaité 

Certified Dog Groomer 


Hi everyone! I'm Evelina, the youngest of the team, I´m only 23 years old but still have quite a bit of experience since I started in this beautiful profession when I was 15. Little by little I´m growing in this profession, which is my passion. Groomer and Breeder, I also have a pomeranian Kennel which my mom is now taking care of in my hometown in Lithuania. Since I was a little girl, I have been interested in everything canine. I was working with famous breeders from many countries all around the world, working with great cosmetics brands, representing  products and preparing dogs for shows. I trained at the best Lithuanian and Russian schools.  I´ve been working at Reino Canino since 2019 and problably some of you already know me.  I´m always available to answer your questions about your little and loyal friends, from my best knowledge and experience. I work on all kinds of breeds and not only dogs but cats, rabbits, etc. Just ask me, and I will very happily help! 
So now that you know me a little bit, I hope to see you soon! 😃 


Lucía Cabado

Pet Groomer Assistant

Hallo allemaal! My name is Lucia, I come from Galicia (Spain) but I have been living abroad for a few years. I am in Amsterdam since 2020 and I feel like I found my new home here.
I always had a big appreciation for animals and that´s way I became vegan a few years ago. After having dogs myself I discovered a passion on my for these furry little four-legged and I decided to change my profession and dedicate my life to the dog grooming world.
I completed a high quality course in Ireland and now I´m very happy to be part of the Reino Canino team.
I just started my path in this fascinating furry world and I am ready for new challenges and adventures.
I speak Spanish and English fluently and some Portuguese!
Looking forward to meeting you all and your furry friends ❤


Carolina Amaral

Certified Dog Groomer 

Hello there! My name is Carolina, I’m 28 years old and I’m Portuguese. I began my dog grooming journey in January of 2019, so I am kind of recent on this area, however, I feel I have a good sensibility to practice this profession with quality, love and patience. My mother’s love for animals became part of my being, my inspiration, and I’m just grateful for that. My experience includes dog & cat shelters volunteering with my mum since childhood, petsitting, dogwalking, a wildlife rescue center volunteering in Thailand, dog handling in dog & cat hotels, canine physiotherapy, veterinary assistance, and finally, I ended up as a dog groomer, because I have this artistic side influence from my father. 
I love photography and manual work, so becoming a dog groomer makes all sense for me ✨🤍 I’ll do my best on my session with your pet, I will take my time and give them a lot of love. I wish you happy moments in your life, along with your fluffy and loyal pet. See you soon? I hope so 🍀
Carolina 🌼


Mila Di Bella

Certified Dog Groomer 

Hallo! I'm Mila, 29 years old, certified professional international dog groomer and dog breeding technician. In 2015 I graduated at the Veterinary University in Milan in 'Animal Breeding and Welfare Science', before becoming a professional dog groomer I collected working experiences in the pet food laboratory research & production industry and in managing dog breeding centers in Milan and in Sydney. In 2018 my love and dedication to the dog overall well-being brought me to the decision of becoming a  dog groomer and to start making this dream come true and accompanying me for the rest of my life.
I work in Reino Canino since 2020, not just as a groomer but also as a Spa treatments provider. Moreover from this year I will also provide professional stripping and show trims! I feel so proud  and satisfied for being part of this amazing team together with high-skilled colleagues and a high-motivating energy. My formation comes from one of the Canadian's top 5 grooming schools and includes a First Aid Certification for dealing also on a paramedic level on your furry friends. I am a solar, positive, enthusiastic person who decided to dedicate her life to the dogs, their grooming and their general well-being. Stay updated, more formation & skills will come with time to provide your pets with the best royal treatments!❤

Estefanía Castillo

Administrative Assistant

Hello! My name is Estefanía and I´ve been part of this amazing team since 2020. I was born and raised in a small town called Almería in the south of Spain, I grew up surrounded by animals and I deeply love them. I ´ve been dedicating most of my professional life to the world of business administration and the customer service. Since I came to live in this beautiful city which I love, I´ve been working mostly as a Tour guide until the pandemic left this talkative guide without much to do, and the "the little administrator" awoke in me again. My work at Reino Canino is mainly to help with organization, the website, social media and more. It makes me especially happy to be able to develop my profession with all your wonderful pets to keep me company. I´m a lucky girl!
I hope to see you all soon!

Peace & Love! 


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